ICCARUS (Icon Cosmo Clm ARt User Seminar) takes place in the headquarters building of DWD in Offenbach, Frankfurter Stra├če 135, Germany, every year. It is organized in differenct thematic sessions from the areas of data assimilation, numerical weathers prediction and climate modelling. 

It brings together developers and users of the non-hydrostatic COSMO- and ICON models, which are used in numerical weather predication as well as climate and air quality modeling. The meeting is organized by DWD in cooperation with the CLM-Community, the COSMO-ART community and the ICON community. Contributions on other mesoscale models are also welcome.

The main organizers are Daniel Rieger (DWD, COSMO, ICON) and Christian Steger (DWD, CLM). They are supported by Daniel Egerer, Anja Thomas and Bernd Kress (DWD).

Informaton about the next ICCARUS meeting are available on the ICCARUS webpage: www.dwd.de/iccarus 

Past Seminars: